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Signs of a Water Mains Leak On Your Property

Water mains leaks outside of your property and can often be less visible than those inside your home due to them being buried sometimes deeply underground. If you think you may have a leaking water main but aren’t quite sure, luckily there are a few signs to look out for which point towards it. You may notice one or more of these indicators at a time, the more signs of a water leak you spot the more likely you are experiencing a larger leak. The longer a leak is left untreated the more potential damage that can be caused to your property and your wallet.

Low Water Pressure

If you suddenly notice a sudden drop in water pressure in your property and there are no other reasons for this like someone running a tap in another room this is a good indicator that you have a water mains leak. As a rule, the larger the drop in your water pressure the larger the leak could be as it is drawing water away from other places. It's a good idea to check with your neighbours to ask if they are also losing pressure to rule out if there is a problem in the local area, not just your house.

High Water Bill

If when you receive your water bill it is considerably more money than normal and there are no other factors like extra people in your home using the showers or you've been filling up a large swimming pool etc this is a good indication that water is leaking somewhere on your property like the water main. Every drop of water that is used at your property is monitored and charged to you. Water bills usually remain consistent , so if yours is higher than normal it's a good idea to instruct the help of ADI Leak Detection to find where the leak is coming from.

Discoloured Water

If you turn on your tap and see the alarming sight of discoloured water it's possible you have a leaking water main pipe. If the water main pipe is cracked this can allow debris and soil to enter the pipe and contaminate your water supply. Do not drink this water as you cant be sure what has seeped into it and it could be harmful, instead aim to have this issue resolved quickly so your supply can go back to normal with safe, clean drinking water. ADI Leak Detection aims to find the source of the leak and repair it the very same day.

Water Puddling On The Surface

Water puddling on the surface of your lawn, patio or drive on a day where there has been no rain has to have come from somewhere and points towards an underground water mains leak. As the soil becomes saturated it can’t absorb anymore water and so it can start to flow up into your garden. The moment you notice water puddling outside your home without a known source it's time to instruct the help of an expert to diagnose the problem and get it fixed fast ! Water puddling can often be the most obvious sign you have a leaking water main.

Mouldy or mossy areas

If your lawn suddenly becomes very green and luscious in a particularly dry weather spell or begins to go mouldy, mossy or soggy in some places and not in others, chances are the water mains pipe buried under the ground has sprung a leak and your lawn is benefiting from the added moisture it is receiving. This may sound like good news for the avid gardeners out there but the damage a burst or leaking water main can cause to your property can be very substantial and the longer it is left untreated the more costly the issue can become.

Running water or bubbling sounds

Water runs through your water main pipes constantly but you normally can’t hear the noise it's making due to the pipes muffling the sounds in the closed off system. If the pipe has a leak you may be able to hear the water running through the pipe. You may hear a bubbling noise as the water escapes through the crack that is breaching the pipe. Or there may be a whistling noise, a hissing or a spraying noice. Whatever water noise you hear it's important to have it investigated quickly, as a leakage is never a good thing.

If You Suspect An Underground Water Mains Leak at your property - Take Action Quickly

Has your water bill skyrocketed recently without using significantly extra water? Have specific areas of your garden become soggy? There is a very strong likelihood that you have an underground water mains leak, which needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency with leak detection equipment and experts.

When Is A Water Mains Leak At Your Home Not The Responsibility of a Water Company?

Many people are under the misconception that if there is a mains water leak, the problem of fixing it lies with the water supply company. Unfortunately, any pipework leaks within your property or properties boundaries are the homeowner’s responsibility, regardless of whether or not the leak is coming from the water mains. Another worrying aspect of a mains water leak is that due to the higher water pressure and the volume of water that can leak in a relatively short period of time, it could be significantly higher than a traditional water leak within the home. However, because the water leak could be deep down in the ground, the first time that most people become aware of the issue is when their water bill increases exponentially. Our mains detection and repair service is here to help.

How We Locate The Source of Your Underground Water Leaks

ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom. We identified the need for specialist leak detection years before anyone else recognised the niche. We have evolved as a company, as have our leak detection methodologies since our launch. While it is fair to say that you want to find the source of the leak as a priority, you also do not want unnecessary damage caused to your property or garden while searching for the leak. With the various methods that ADI employ, we can pinpoint the source of the leak within a couple of millimetres, enabling us to resolve the issue with the minimum of fuss, damage, or disruption.

We use a range of different tools and employ some of the most experienced engineers in the industry to find your leak. These include

Tracer Gases

Our highly skilled engineers utilize a specialized approach by introducing a specially formulated gas comprising Hydrogen and Nitrogen into the water mains supply pipe.

This tracer gas is designed to escape through the leak in the pipe. Our Gas Trace devices are then employed to detect the distinctive odor of the gas, enabling us to precisely identify the location of the leak. This method allows for efficient and accurate leak detection without causing unnecessary disruption or damage to your property.

Acoustic Leak Detectors

Considering that most water main supply pipes are buried deep underground, one effective method for addressing this challenge is the use of acoustic listening devices.

Sound has the ability to travel considerable distances, and our acoustic listening devices are equipped to identify the source of a leak within a range of up to 2.5 meters.

This technology allows us to accurately pinpoint the location of the leak, facilitating efficient and non-invasive repair procedures.

Leak Correlation

Leak correlation detectors represent sophisticated electronic instruments designed to identify leaks in pressurized pipes, especially when the precise location of the leak is uncertain.

Employing two or more exceptionally sensitive sensors strategically positioned on the pipe, flanking the suspected leak site, these sensors pick up the acoustic signals produced by the escaping fluids. Subsequently, this data is transmitted to a processing unit, which employs mathematical algorithms to calculate the distance between each sensor and the source of the noise.

ADI Are Specialists in Water Supply Pipe Leak Detection in Camberley

ADI Leak detection are a specialist company that cover Camberley and the surrounding areas with a complete range of specialist leak detection services including water leak detection on water main supply pipes

With an Underground Leaks Every Second Counts

the water damage caused by an underground water leak can cost thousands of pounds to repair. If you have any concerns that you are dealing with an underground water mains leak, then it is essential that you take urgent and aggressive action. Call ADI today and let us find and deal with your leak fast.

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