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Owning your own swimming pool is perhaps one of the best investments any property owner can make. The pleasure and convenience of taking a swim whenever you want is the height of luxury, which is why more and more people are investing in a pool every year. The only problem with having your own pool is that it is almost inevitable at some point that it will develop a leak, or water leaks! That is why it is always a smart idea to have a specialist leak detection company such as ADI Leak Detection stored in your speed dial for when disaster strikes.

How do i know my pool has a leak?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is how do I know if my pool has a leak? The straightforward answer is if you suspect you have a leak then you probably do, however there is a simple leak test to confirm if your pool is losing water. Fill a clear bucket or container with water and then place it on a step in the pool. Make sure that the water levels in the bucket and the pool are identical. Leave the bucket in position for 48 hours before checking the levels. If the pool water level s lower than that of the bucket, then you have a leak in your pool.

Why Is A Swimming Pool Leak Such A Significant Problem?

The biggest issue with a swimming pool is the sheer volume of water involved. Because a swimming pool is either built inside the home or in close vicinity to the property, the potential damage a swimming pool leak could cause can easily run into thousands of pounds. If excessive water gets into the foundations of your home, it could cause structural damage to the property in a very short period of time. That is why if you have any suspicions whatsoever that you may have a swimming pool leak, you need to call in the experts immediately.

The Source of A Swimming Pool Leak May Not Always Be Obvious

There are potentially hundreds of areas within any swimming pool setup where a leak could originate from. It could be under the tiles, in the pump room, or even in the water supply to the pool. At ADI Leak Detection, we offer what we believe is the most comprehensive swimming pool leak detection solution in the United Kingdom. We have some of the leading leak detection engineers on our staff. We are also the original leak detection company in the United Kingdom, having been in business for over twenty years. We consistently push the barriers of leak detection, which is why when it comes to swimming pools, we are one of the only companies that use PADI certified scuba divers to help us get to the root of the problem.

Pool Structure Leaks

Pool Structure Leaks typically refers to a leak in the shell of your pool. The cause of these type of leaks is typically poor construction, or engineering, or in certain cases ground movement. A general rule of thumb in ascertaining if the pool leak is structural is to identify the source of the leak. Structural cracks are typically located in and around the foundation of the pool, or within the supporting structure, as opposed to non-structural cracks which occur in the pools surface or tiles. Horizontal foundation cracks that appear in walls with or without bowing, are virtually guaranteed to be structural in nature. Your pool culd also be loosing water due to poorly fitted underwater lights and filtration system components.

Filtration System Leaks

Filtration system leaks are typically the most common causes of a leak in any swimming pool, but it is essential that they are identified and rectified as a matter of urgency. As the name suggests the leaks occur during the pool filtration process, pumping, filling and emptying the pool. The major cause for concern is that any leakage in a underground pipe or pipes could have been caused by root damage, or ground movement. Alternatively it could be a poorly fitted or perished seal, a defective piece of PVC, or just a poor installation process. As with any type of leak the problem is highly unlikely to fix itself, and will deteriote often rapidly if it is not dealt with as a matter of priority.

We have a team of pool leak detection specialists with a near perfect record of identifying the source of any water leak within a swimming pool, typically on the day we attend. If you are concerned that you may have a filtration system leak, but are unable to locate the source call us today – we can often carry out a repair after tracing the leak.

Our Company Engineers Are Only Allocated One Job Per Day

By its very nature, water leak detection can be a slow and complicated process; let’s face it, if it wasn’t, then everyone would be doing it. That is why we only give our engineers one job per day so that they can take their time and solve your swimming pool leak problem on the day of their visit. They are not under any pressure to rush or get to another job, which sets us apart from the competition. If we are able to access the leak on the same day then we may be able to carry out a repair for you. It is also another reason we have such a low staff turnover because they feel appreciated and respected. This has the added benefit of retaining our skill and knowledge within the company, which ultimately benefits our customers on a daily basis.

We Use The Latest Leak Detection Equipment To Find Your Leak Fast!

Finding a leak in a swimming pool requires a combination of highly qualified and experienced staff, using cutting edge equipment to identify the source of any leak. We use a range of different equipment depending on the presentation of the problem. This is one of the reasons why the team at ADI Leak detection, Camberley can trace water leaks that our competitors have struggled to trace, despite numerous attempts. The good news is our techniques are cost-effective and designed to cause minimal damage to your pool and property. We have located leaks in every type of pool across the country, be that domestic, commercial, indoor, outdoor large or small.

We Are Your Swimming Pool Leak Detection Solution – The Tools We Use

Every swimming pool leak provides our engineers with a new challenge, and searching for the leak requires a plethora of different tools depending on the specific circumstances. Some of the tools and techniques we use include
At ADI Leak Detection, we provide a comprehensive pool leak detection service. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and over 80 per cent of our new business comes from personal referrals. If you are determined to get to the bottom of your swimming pool leak once and for all, then there is only one company to call ADI Leak Detection Services – The Original and The Best!

Choose ADI Leak Detection To Trace Water Leaks On Your Swimming Pool In Camberley

ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom. We also have passion for swimming pool leak detection, which includes a team of leak detection experts that are also PADI Qualified divers. We are able to utilize this skillset, to identify leaks in and around your pool, quickly and efficiently – with minimal disruption. If you live in or around Camberley and suspect you have a swimming pool leak, then call ADI Leak Detection today.

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