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Why Choose ADI When Your Swimming Pool Is Leaking?




The safety and security of our staff and clients are of paramount importance to us.

For this reason, we come equipped with a Public Liability Insurance for up to £5,000,000. In addition, risk assessments and method statements can also be provided, whether it’s for domestic or commercial jobs.

And lastly, every single one of our divers are PADI-certified divers to a minimum level of Advanced Open Water.

We also make sure that every crew that arrives at your property has one certified Emergency First Responder, who is trained to deal with any dive-related emergencies should the need arise.

This gives you as our client valuable peace of mind that the job will be carried out in a safe and professional manner.


We are so committed to detecting swimming pool leaks that when you bring us over to your premises to find a leak, we don’t just bring a tool or two.

We bring an entire arsenal of high-grade equipment that includes specialised microphones, tracer gases, thermal imaging and dedicated pool leak detection devices that we developed here at ADI.

These useful tools combined with our expertise and experience allows us to provide you with swimming pool leak detecting services that are unlike any other.

We don’t like leaving things to chance hence our continual investment into swimming pool leak detection technology and equipment, giving us a incredibly high sucess rate in locating leaks in swimming pools.




We utilize swimming pool leak detection methods that have proven to be the most effective in pools all across the UK.

Through years of experience and an incessant thirst for knowledge in the industry, we are able to provide pool owners with the answers they need regarding swimming pool leaks.

Aside from that, not only will you have our expertise but also our undivided attention as you will be the only customer for the team, for the day.

This means that our team will take their time in doing all the necessary tests to properly assess the situation, locate the source of the leak and come up with the proper course of action to address it.


What Makes You Think Your Pool Is Leaking?

Determining whether or not you have a leak in your pool is not an easy task. And the last thing we’d want is for you to book a service appointment only to find out later on that you don’t have a leak.

We want you to get your money’s worth every time you book our service.

That being said, you should familiarise yourself with some useful techniques that you can use to find out whether or not you have a leak.

One popular method is called the bucket test and you can start by getting a bucket and then, filling it up with 2/3 with pool water. Then, get a marker pen and draw a line at the water level on the bucket before bringing the bucket and placing it on the second step of your pool, making sure that the bucket is partially submerged and is in the same temperature as the surrounding water.

Leave it be for at least 24 hours and then, upon returning, check the difference between the original and current water levels of the pool and the bucket. If the difference in the level of the pool and the bucket is the same, that means you don’t have a leak.

However, if the difference in the level in the pool is greater than that of the bucket, then this is a clear sign that your pool has a leak.

If your pool has a mechanism that automatically fills it up, a meter test will suffice in getting you the answer.

Firstly, make sure that no water is being used anywhere in the property.

Then, find your water meter and make a reading. Return after half an hour and take another reading. If the reading is the same, then it means that there is no demand for water from the pool. But if the reading has changed, this could indicate a leak from the pool.

In this case, you should immediately get in touch with us, book an appointment and have us find your swimming pool leak asap!

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