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Why Choose ADI, The Original Leak Detection Company Serving Camberley?

  • Experienced Plumbing & Heating Engineers
  • Detailed Reporting For Your Insurance Claim
  • Locate Your Leak With No Damage To Your Property
  • We Provide Value For Money When It Comes To Both Leak Detection And Repair

We Aim To Find & Repair Your Leak On The Same Day…

Do you think you have a water leak in your home or place of work?

No matter if your leak is on internal or external pipework, your central heating system or even your swimming pool you can be sure that the team at ADI stand ready to find and repair your leak.

We have helped thousands of property owners throughout the UK since we started ADI Leak Detection all the way back in 2008 - all those years of specialist leak detection expertise are just one phone call away.

Are you living in the Camberley area and dealing with a water leak problem? Well you’re in luck because ADI Leak Detection are only a phone call away and you could be rid of your leak problem in no time at all. There are lots of companies who deal with leaks but ADI are the true experts in water leak detection in the Camberley area. We can work on any type of water leak problem – be it internal or external.
We’re also fully equipped and trained to be able to help you track and resolve leaks with your central heating system. Basically if you have a leak we’re the only company you can really rely on to help you with it. Whereas most companies wind up digging holes in your floors and gardens to try to track down the source of the problem we rely on our experience and ultra modern technology to do the same work.
Our thermal imaging and snake cameras, acoustic leak and moisture detectors, and pipe tracing equipment means that we can find the most stubborn and sneaky leaks anywhere in your residential, industrial or commercial property. There’s no leak that we can’t find – no matter where it is. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable and friendly our staff are. Not only that but every one of our plumbers is fully qualified so you know you’ll be getting high quality work done by us.
We back up our commitment to customer service by never charging you for call outs and we also provide a freephone number for you to contact us on. All of the work we do is fully guaranteed so you can hire us knowing that you’ll have total peace of mind when it comes to the results you see.
Why not call us now so we can chat about how we can help you? Our number is: 0800 731 3843

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• GU16 – Frimley, Frimley Green, Deepcut, Mytchett
• GU17 – Blackwater, Hawley, Minley, Darby Green, Frogmore, Blackbushe


Proud To Be Market Leaders In Internal & External Water Leak Detection



Is your boiler losing pressure?

Do you find yourself having to constantly add water to your boiler to keep the pressure up?

It is most likely that you have a hidden under floor leak on your central heating system.

Being a professional Leak detection company, this is where we excel as our experienced team of plumbing and heating engineers can easily locate leaks that other teams would have a hard time finding.


Is your water meter still spinning even though there aren’t any appliances or taps running?

Have you received a unexpected water bill for no apparent reason?

If you don’t see any water leaks above ground level, then chances are you have a leak under your flooring or on your water main.

Problems like these need to be resolved as soon as possible, they can lead to more than just a high water bill as water mains supply leaks can cause subsidence of land, affecting footpaths, driveways, gardens and yes, even your house! ADI have the right combination of expertise and high-grade equipment to detect and fix water main leaks quickly & efficiently for you.



Here at ADI we understand how frustrating having a swimming pool leak can be.

Not only will you have to deal with the cost of always having to top up the water in your pool but you’ll also have to contend with the worry about damage to the pool’s foundation and even nearby buildings that can happen as a result of the leak.

Fortunately, here at ADI we are able to help you. We have swimming pool leak detection engineers who are able to pin point the precise location of the leak — whether it’s in the pool or the filtration system — Making the planning of a repair a lot more straight forward for you.


Underfloor internal leaks can be very hard to find, unless equipped with the specialist equipment and expertise the we at ADI Leak Detection have.

The symptoms of the leak will allow us to isolate the investigation to one particular water system in your property – central heating, underfloor heating, hot or cold feeds or of course your main water main as it enters your property.

We are able to pinpoint the exact location of your leak, there are clear and obvious benefits to this including the huge cost savings made by not having to make good the floors in various rooms across your ground floor.



Proud To Be Market Leaders In Internal & External Water Leak Detection


Our experienced engineers use top of the range thermal imaging equipment to take a closer look at the temperature differences of either your walls or floors to properly pinpoint the source of the water leak.

With this kind of technology, we are able to trace the route of hot and cold pipes by thermal scanning through most surfaces allowing us to trace hot and cold spots – potentially the source of your leak.



Underfloor leaks are impossible to pinpoint with precision and 100% confidence without the use of acoustic listening devices – these devices allow our engineers to listen for leaks up to 2.5 meters below the ground!

Used for both internal and external leak detection these are a great tool in our arsenal, coupled with our unrivalled experience allowing us to pinpoint your leak and provide the best service possible!

Tracer Gas Leak Detection Milton Keynes


Tracer-gas leak testing is an extremely precise method used to confirm the location of the leak in certain situations.

This process involves capping off and filling the suspect pipework with the leak tracing gases before sensing devices are use to detect the rising gases above ground level.

This is a totally safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen that is introduced into your pipes at safe working pressures. These gases are effective in locating even the smallest water leak since their molecules are smaller and lighter than that of air.

We used Leak Correlators To locate A leak In This Park in London


Being the leading leak detecting experts means we go to great lengths to make sure that we are able to pinpoint water leaks, whether it’s in your home or on large swaths of property like yards, farms, fields, private roads, airports and industrial and commercial parks.

To make sure that nothing escapes our vigilant eyes, we use a leak noise correlator.

This tool uses electronic pulses to locate leak locations on underground water mains of up to 600 metres in length.


As a specialist leak detection company we have invested in the development of bespoke swimming pool leak detection technology that gives us the best possible chance of finding a leak on any swimming pool – with an extremely high leak tracing sucess rate!


100’s Of Customers Love Our Services…

Customer In London 15th May 2019


Undetectable leak found and fixed.

We found ADI by pure chance, through a builder that had used them a few months ago. I happened to mention that we had a leak but couldn’t locate it and he recommended ADI. I am so pleased that after 18 months of trying to work out where the leak was, even calling out Thames Water to help with no avail- Vincent at ADI located the leak within 2 hours. Thankfully the leak wasn’t under the house so it was a straightforward fix once it was located.


Water leak traced to pipe below bath, accessing the pipe and fixing the leak

“My bathroom had sprung a leak and water was turned off at the mains for more than a week while I liaised with the downstairs neighbour, two plumbers and insurers. When I called ADI I was pleased that they had a slot available the very next morning. Their engineer Matt Gurr was wonderful -– on-time, efficient, friendly, trustworthy and professional. He was able to trace where the leak was coming from (a pipe below the bath), access the leak by removing the bath and then isolate and fix it — all within a few hours. I was very relieved! Would definitely recommend both ADI and Matt himself.”

Customer In London 21st February 2019


Customer In Staines Upon Thames


Outside Underground Leak In Pipework

“Contacted several companies and ADI were definitely the most professional from the first phone call. Everything was explained to me in details on how they would locate the leak ! One of the advantages of using ADI is that they could also fix the leak when found which other companies could not. Everything was done on the same day: detection and fixing the problem and all at the agreed price no surprises at all. Would highly recommend.”

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